Credit Analysis

Understand and Defend Your Credit Score

Understand and Defend Your Credit Score

Schedule expert credit analysis services from a team based in Shreveport, LA

Understanding your credit score isn't always easy, but don't worry. You can turn to We Raise Your Credit Score for clarification. Our expert team serves clients in Shreveport, LA and the surrounding areas who seek to understand and improve their credit score.

The first step in any credit analysis is to determine your credit score. The five factors that determine your score are...

1. Payment history
2. Amounts owed
3. Credit history duration
4. New credit
5. Types of credit

Once we've determined your credit score, we'll help you form a custom plan to improve it. Call (318) 230-0001 now to arrange for a credit consultation.

Expect a thorough and effective process

Once you sign up for credit analysis services, you can expect a thorough process with our team. We follow these steps to improve your credit score:

First - we'll order your credit reports from all three credit bureaus and send you a welcome kit to fill out and return to us.
Then - we'll schedule your initial credit education consultation session where you'll fill out our dispute sheet.
Finally - we'll use your information to challenge questionable items on your report directly with the credit bureaus.

Keep in mind that the process can be lengthy, but we can bring up to 30 items at a time to the bureaus for investigation.

Contact our team today to determine your credit score and start your customized improvement program..